Frequently Asked Questions 2017-04-12T17:20:45+00:00
  1. Are all of these properties titled?
    • Yes. All of the properties listed are titled. We do not engage in dealing with properties without title to protect our clients and ourselves.
  2. Is the reservation fee deductible to the overall payment?
    • Yes. The reservation fee allows you to secure ownership before beginning to invest in your monthly amortization. The fees are therefore non-refundable because of this advantage.
  3. What does Ready for Occupancy (RFO) mean?
    • RFO means that the unit is finished and is in livable condition. You can transfer right away after completing the down payment and the documentation/misc fees.
  4. What does Preselling mean?
    • Preselling means that the unit is not yet finished or construction is just about to start. Seasoned condo investors always buy condominiums during the preselling stage to get the best units in terms of location.
  5. Can I reserve or transact even though I’m in another country?
    • Yes you can. Most of my clients are from another country and they transact with a trusted representative. You can send the reservation fee through bank to bank transfers. It is highly recommended that you provide a Special Power of Attorney to your representative.
  6. How can I get the best units in the building?
    • The earlier you invest, the higher are your chances of getting the units which face the morning sun, the glorious views or whatever your preferences are. Preselling stage is the best stage to get the best units.
    • Condo units during the preselling stage are also cheaper than when it is already ready for occupancy.
  7. What composes the miscellaneous fees?
    • Miscellaneous or transfer fees are dues required by law. These are composed of the following:
      • Dues paid to the government – taxes and fees that facilitate the documents which proves that you own this property therefore protecting your ownership.
      • Materials for emergency – these are the fire extinguishers, etc.
      • Installation of meters and utilities
    • Rest assured, these are all for your safety and protection.
  8. Do you offer discounts for cash payments?
    • Yes. The discounts are applied on the downpayment ranging from 4-10% depending on which condominium and the financing scheme that you will be getting.
  9. What are the documents required if I will be getting one of your properties?
    • Accomplished Buyer’s Information Sheet (you can get this from us) with 1×1 or 2×2 ID picture
    • Photocopy of 2 valid ID w/ photo and signature (Driver’s License, TIN Card, PRC, GSIS, SSS, Company ID or Passport)
    • If married, submit 2 valid ID of spouse (same as above)
    • Proof of Income, any of the following (Certificate of Employment and Compensation, Payslip, Income Tax Return or ITR)
    • For OFW: Contract of Employment or Proof of Remittance
    • TIN number and Community Tax Certificate (Cedula) for the current year
    • Marriage certificate
    • For Foreigners: ACR – Alien Certificate of Registration and Birth Certificate Authenticated by Immigration
  10. Can I redesign my unit?
    • You can at a certain extent. You are limited to the interior of your unit and this depends upon the approval of the developer or the Condominium Owner’s Association. These alterations will be at your expense.
  11. Is the ownership of the unit perpetual?
    • Yes it will be forever yours and your proof is the Certificate of Condominium Title (CCT).
  12. Are these buildings safe?
    • Before plans of buying the land are in place, the developers test the soil, check with the engineers, and follow the guide of the City’s hazard map.
    • In addition, Baguio is strict in terms of the shape and height of any building development.
  13. Is the building insured?
    • After the construction is finished, clients are ensured that the buildings are covered by insurance.